Erin’s Seafarer Dress

Hello! It’s Erin again. For this challenge, we all used The Seafarer Top pattern. I thought this pattern was great because there are so many variations you can do and it was easy to follow. I was a little nervous about sewing a knit but it wasn’t so scary after all. In fact, I plan on making this again!


I went to Jo Anns in search of fabric. After seeing nothing exciting in their apparel knit section, I stumbled into their children’s spot where there were so many fun knits to choose from! (Come on Jo Anns, adults can’t have fun knits, too?!) I decided on this kelly green bird print from the Doodles Collection. When I got home and started working with the pattern, I realized I had bought way too much fabric. Like, almost double the amount! I’m still not sure how that happened.

I decided I wanted to make mine longer. I’m more of a dress person and could use some extra comfy ones that are easy to throw on and go. I added 7 or 8 inches of length to the front and back pattern pieces. I decided against the bottom band and arm bands and went with a normal hem instead. This whole project only took an hour or two to put together.


You might be wondering- “what about the scraps?!” We all traded the scraps from this pattern and are working on another project. Stay tuned!



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